Brand Awareness – It’s a Big Deal!

Posted by Joel

We live in the Age of Google, which means that someone searching for a particular product or service can find thousands of relevant businesses at the click of a mouse. In an overcrowded marketplace, the surest way to be successful is by building brand awareness – that is, creating a brand that people like, trust, and (most importantly) bear in mind for future purchases.

If you can convince people that your business is a big brand instead of a tacky little company that won’t still be going in a year’s time, you’re already halfway to gaining their custom. Better still, if you can lodge your brand in a customer’s brain, they’re more likely to a) keep coming back, and b) recommend you to their friends.

In short, brand awareness is a big deal, and promotional products can be a brilliant way to build it. It’s hard to forget about a company when you’re drinking tea from a mug with their logo on it, or writing notes with a pen they gave you!