Branded merchandise can be just as big as your product!

Posted by Joel

No matter what industry you’re in, no matter what your company sells and how big a profit it turns, there’s a pretty good chance that branded merchandise could do just as well for you. A lot of businesses give key rings and pens away for free to promote their actual product, but there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that this isn’t the most productive way to do things.

A recent article from claimed that Chrysler, the U.S. motoring giant, made a cool 50 million dollars by selling branded merchandise. That translates to well over £30 million, and it’s all thanks to pens, calendars, and other knick-knacks with the Chrysler logo printed on them.

So if you fancy a piece of that action, promotional products and branded merchandise could be all you need. Just think – a truckload of branded mugs could be the shrewdest business investment you ever make!