Promotional Mugs for your Teas & Coffees

Posted by Joel

Spring is here, the days are getting (slightly) warmer, the days are getting longer, and the weather’s starting look like it might be nice to us for a little bit. Still, everyone enjoys a nice cup of tea or coffee, even in the height of summer, so it’s good to have a few mugs handy for when someone’s in need of a beverage! Here at Compare Promotional, we compare prices on a range of promotional mugs, so your customers can cuddle up to a cosy cuppa courtesy of your company.

Promotional mugs are a great way of getting your brand noticed. Customers will see your logo every time they make tea, and with British weather not known for its high temperatures, there’s always a lot of tea being made! Tea lovers and coffee addicts can get quite attached to their mugs, so your promotional mugs could end up hanging around houses for years on end.

Compare Promotional is all about getting you the best deal around on promotional products, so if you fancy slapping your company’s logo on a range of promotional mugs, make sure you use our price comparison service for Mugs & Bottles first. You’d be a mug to miss out!